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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Flying09-Aug-10 11:37
Views : 635
it's moving pretty fast here...
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Flying09-Aug-10 11:34
Views : 592
Love this shot...10 seconds later the right wheel fell off. Our best pilot tried to nurse it in on one wheel , and it took a hard cartwheel, minimal damage though, will fly again
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked12-Jun-10 08:13
Views : 673
Business End 30CC 2-stroke Gasoline
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked12-Jun-10 08:12
Views : 595
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked12-Jun-10 08:11
Views : 574
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Build12-Jun-10 08:10
Views : 626
Fokker DVIII cockpit details, this is a build I've inherited. I've basically redone everything but the structure, still need to cover the fuse
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked26-Jul-09 10:42
Views : 806
tough little complex curve here, some tricky sanding to keep it from cracking
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Build26-Jul-09 10:41
Views : 826
Progress at last
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked28-Jun-09 10:36
Views : 687
The SE5 is about to turn into my guns, he's doomed!
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked07-Jun-09 06:03
Views : 677
In the air1! ( it's safely back at home now.
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked06-Jun-09 22:01
Views : 692
Right before the Maiden, I got 3 flights in, flipped it over once with no damage. Waiting on a friend to post the inflights he took.
bbaumerTop Flite DC-3Parked27-May-09 16:44
Views : 685
Here's the bottom shot as requested. Keep in mind this is an ARF ( Almost ready to fly) and comes 90% constructed and covered. My contributions are adding the radio, engine, control linkage. I took the high gloss finish down with soem flat laquer, added the custom pilot, and painted and drybrushed the vacuum formed parts. I am so looking forward to flying it. $299 U.S. for the Kit, I'll have about $750 or so in it total. It will weigh about 9 pounds.
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