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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
EvanJSIG Mid Star 40Parked31-Dec-08 11:41
Views : 497
I soloed this Tuesday at my local field.
EvanJSIG Mid Star 40Build27-Dec-08 08:24
Views : 591
I would like everybody's opinion: Can I use Elmer's wood glue instead of CA? Are there some places where I need CA? I would like to stay non-toxic if possible.
EvanJSIG Mid Star 40Build27-Dec-08 08:21
Views : 444
I just got started in R/C, and this will be an awesome second plane.
EvanJSIG Mid Star 40Build27-Dec-08 08:19
Views : 511
This is what I found underneath the Christmas tree.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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