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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-AParked26-Jun-15 22:37
Views : 273
Rather than simply marking the cooling holes, I decided to allow my OCD (just a small part, mind you) run a bit wild and used a pine vise to drill out the holes.
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild26-Jun-15 22:34
Views : 305
Using tubular plastic purchased at a local hobby store (only 35 miles from where I live) to cut up the cylinders for the engine. All sizes were from careful use of the retinae supplemented with glass protection (eyeballs), resulted in pretty close tolerances..
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild26-Jun-15 22:25
Views : 307
Now gluing the plastic card onto the top of the engine.
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild26-Jun-15 22:23
Views : 346
Where was I? Oh yeah. Building the Wright Bros' engine. Here to make the flat plate on top of the engine. Used a T pin to push out the rivets on the other side.
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-AParked25-Jun-15 14:28
Views : 398
Rear view of completed Wright Flyer. Finally figured out this picture thangy
Skyediamonds1985Herr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild25-Jun-15 13:58
Views : 473
Guys, this is a test photo of my completed Wright Bros. engine prior to installation. Let me know what you think.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-AParked06-Jun-09 19:06
Views : 890
Finally finished! For those of you who don't know this, elevatoranj and I a little flight competition going on between us. I just want everybody to see what I am up against. As you can see, his plane has a much bigger wing span. Our competition is not how fat each plane will fly, it's how long will it stay in flight. Wish me luck fellas! I think I'm the underdog !
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild25-May-09 18:09
Views : 758
This is the leftover plastic part from the Guillow B-17 that elevatoranj was mentioning.
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild20-May-09 09:59
Views : 987
Herr Beech Bonanza complete and ready to fly. Just waiting for elevatoranj to finish his plane (in background) so that we can have our flight competition. Wheels on my plane are removeable for flight. The only thing left for me to do is balance it.
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-ABuild04-May-09 07:18
Views : 916
Almost done. Still have bottom of wing section to cover, stringers need to be added to cover the tail section. Then bottom of plane needs to be covered. Anj has a long way to go to catch up to me before we have our flight comtetition!
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-AParked04-May-09 07:14
Views : 834
novice builderHerr Engineering Ryan ST-AParked04-May-09 07:14
Views : 808
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