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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
lukebozek1Easy Built Howard DG-9Parked27-Aug-10 08:20
Views : 657
Finished product is very nice, high gloss white went over two coats of Dope and the plane is flying in a grandson's room in Vermont
lukebozek1Easy Built Howard DG-9Parked27-Aug-10 08:19
Views : 544
My building area on our porch, this is why I like small planes.
lukebozek1Easy Built Howard DG-9Build27-Aug-10 08:18
Views : 508
The kit isn't laser cut, but everything goes together very well. I carried this around for 6 or 7 years before I decided it was time.
lukebozek1Easy Built Howard DG-9Build27-Aug-10 08:17
Views : 566
It is a SIG Kit not an EZ Built, this is one of the nicest builds you can do. Good plans, material is nice, I enjoyed this plane.
jmajaneEasy Built Howard DG-9Parked26-Mar-09 21:10
Views : 473
Little Plane not flow yet but soon!
TJHEasy Built Howard DG-9Parked16-Mar-09 07:36
Views : 611
Nice kit from Easy Built - very light, should be a good flyer.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
TJHEasy Built Howard DG-9Parked16-Mar-09 07:35
Views : 617
TJHEasy Built Howard DG-9Parked16-Mar-09 07:34
Views : 633
TJHEasy Built Howard DG-9Parked16-Mar-09 07:34
Views : 676
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