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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:30
Views : 600
The wing and tail are covered with Japanese tissue and are unpainted. The fuselage is covered with silkspan and painted with artists water based paint.
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:27
Views : 496
It had rather clean lines. My model has the fuselage stretched some since it was originally a rubber powered model and was not intended for scale competition.
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:24
Views : 586
It would have probably been a very successful fighter but it was made a two place and that never worked out.
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:21
Views : 512
The Consolidated PB-2A was a very advanced airplane in the mid 1930's. It was all metal and had retracting landing gear and a supercharger.
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:19
Views : 481
The exhaust pipes and supercharger were external on the P-30 which was re-designated as the PB-2A.
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Build01-Nov-12 16:16
Views : 547
The fuselage has been repaired, covered and wing fillets DDED
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
ftomstarkComet Boeing P-26Parked01-Nov-12 16:14
Views : 477
This is an original P-30. There was a free flight event called P30. I decided to build a semi scale P-30 model for that event so I would have a P-30 P30. It wa srubber powered and flew pretty well, consistently just under 60 seconds. With the advent of electric power and really small radio equipment I converted it to RC. I flew it a while and eventually crashed just about breaking the fuselage in half. This is the wreckage with some repairs.
Dale1416Comet Boeing P-26Parked06-Jun-11 17:38
Views : 819
Dumas P-26 Peashooter Kit #223, Walnut scale 17 ½” wingspan
Dale1416Comet Boeing P-26Build06-Jun-11 17:18
Views : 665
One modification made to this kit was to construct full wheel pants by laminating 1/8” balsa, instead of the kit’s profile representation.
Dale1416Comet Boeing P-26Build06-Jun-11 17:18
Views : 701
Some modifications were made to the basic construction such as added stringers to the fuselage, etc.
Dale1416Comet Boeing P-26Build06-Jun-11 17:17
Views : 646
I was surprised when first opening the kit to find no vacuum formed parts. The cowl assembly was made up of 18 laser cut balsa parts which easily went together with good results.
Dale1416Comet Boeing P-26Build06-Jun-11 17:17
Views : 635
The front of the fuselage was planked according to the kit plans.
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