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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Reference28-Feb-11 21:47
Views : 630
My project at WORK! We don't do too many aircraft, so this was fun. Glad they let me do it. Built an acrylic stand for it today and it's already on it's way to Orlando FL for a trade show. As always, a major rush, so it will come back for decals and clear gloss urethane topcoat.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build13-Feb-11 23:24
Views : 603
After some serious deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and install scale action retracts. The gaping holes lead to some creative reinforcement while leaving room for the "Monkey Motion". For time time being , I'm leaning towards pneumatics. We'll see.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build29-Jan-11 09:52
Views : 550
Bevel the edges to match longeron angles. I used good 'ol Elmers to bond. A little CA at the rear pointy side.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build29-Jan-11 09:49
Views : 491
Here is the pattern on the Balsa. Use a marker (before you stick it down!) to make it more visible. When cutting long smooth curves like this I find that during the cut, looking ahead about 3/8" to 1/2" results in a smoother cut that follows the line much more closely. "Leading the cut".
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build29-Jan-11 09:43
Views : 538
Carefully cut along the edges.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build29-Jan-11 09:40
Views : 582
Infilling selected areas between stringers. To make a pattern, I used non-flexible tape (Magic/removable) stuck down only to the two longerons to be filled between. Don't stretch tight. I used a small staightedge and adhered the tape to the edges center out to allow the tape to "Skew" (?) as the plane twisted.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build28-Jan-11 14:02
Views : 607
I do like using the Jig.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build28-Jan-11 14:01
Views : 508
This type af layout is a bit challenging in some respects.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build28-Jan-11 13:59
Views : 478
As per plan, the stingers are arranged ala "Waterline". Meaning they are parralel to the axis of the fuselage.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build27-Jan-11 11:48
Views : 522
Time for stringers and in-fll where needed. After a couple times, this method could be darn quick. Very straight.
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build27-Jan-11 11:43
Views : 534
In hindsight, I should have just waited to notch the formers until this point. Not that they were off (well, not too much! ;o) ).
pfinnJetco Dayton-Wright RB-1Build27-Jan-11 11:39
Views : 500
The jig has bulkhead positions marked on the side walls. I used pins to help easily locate tthe bulkheads. Again, double stick tape is used to secure the cross members to the fixture. Other builders use rubber bands to do this using a row of small brads near the base in which to hook the bands to.The 2" offset marks line up with the edge of the fixture so all of the formers line up correctly.
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