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Guillows Series 1000 - F4U Corsair by kudzu. Viewed 927 times.
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kudzu11-Apr-10 18:11
Center wing and flaps framed up almost to plan -- I give a BIG THANKS to Mr. David Duckett and his post dated 2-29-08 he saved me lots of time by not having to learn that on my own --I remade part # MA1 to match the height and shape of part number # MS2 also a remade the flap pieces by making them just a little taller --I still have to do the stringers and some shaping of the leading and trailing edges but I’m going to take another tip I got from one of David’s post and shape them after the build--Sorry I do not remember what post that I got it from David , however thanks to you and all the great builders on here.
BillParker01-Oct-10 22:11
He's right. Some of these wing formers are obviously laser cut. Where/when did you buy this kit?
kudzu13-Feb-18 05:02
Sorry for the late reply...Thanks BillParker...and I ordered my kit directly from Guillows...and I'm ashamed to was over 8 years ago. the whole kit is probably laser cut now. LOL
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