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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by biplane guy. Viewed 178 times.
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Image Comments
biplane guy25-Apr-17 19:13
Curtiss pusher controls
biplane guy25-Apr-17 19:16
LW, Googled "Curtiss pusher control diagrams" and found this. Does this help? There is an excellent cutaway drawing of the DR-1 if you Google "Fokker DR-1 control diagrams." I wasn't able to copy and post it, must be copyrighted.
LASTWOODSMAN25-Apr-17 20:56
Thanks BPGuy - I was pretty close ...
LASTWOODSMAN25-Apr-17 22:07
BPGuy - I can't find that "cutaway" of the Dr1 - in fact I can't make heads or tails of all those diagrams - if you remember how to get to it, please post me the exact link, and I will try to capture it with the "Snipping Tool"
biplane guy26-Apr-17 09:37
LW, try this link.
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