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Guillows Series 900 - Chipmunk by TJH. Viewed 2235 times.
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Image Comments
TJH10-Mar-10 03:51
Ready to fly, just need some nice weather!
jgood10-Mar-10 05:06
Very neat, really nice work. Keep us posted on the flights.
TJH10-Mar-10 05:09
Thank you. I was inspired by your work on this kit! Just waiting for this PA weather to get a little more flying-friendly.
John M Oshust10-Mar-10 05:45
Be careful, she's a beauty!
scigs3010-Mar-10 08:42
Looks great....Simple and clean. Great covering job. Should fly really nice.
poppy13-Mar-10 07:09
Just awesome! And it flies too. JFB!!
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