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Dare Luscombe 8E Silvaire by Lindy. Viewed 268 times.
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Image Comments
Lindy11-Dec-14 17:59
wheel pants
jgood11-Dec-14 22:15
Those 'pants' came out really well. Are they carved balsa?
FLYBOYZ12-Dec-14 07:57
Now thats what fun is all about!Building something and making it yours.beautiful work lindy
JohnG.12-Dec-14 08:10
Excellent work.....
TJH12-Dec-14 08:27
This is really looking nice!
Lindy12-Dec-14 13:13
Had to stop due to the big wind storm last night. I am so glad to finally be able to contribute and communicate with everyone on this web sight. I feel so honored to be in touch with so many skilled modelers that share the same interest as I do. Had no idea there is still that much interest in this type of hobby ? It is also neat to see all the unique styles and techniques everyone uses. This by far is one of the best web sites I have viewed yet, and I hope JGood continues it for many years to come. With that, hello to everyone, and I hope you will enjoy my builds as much as I have silently enjoyed all of yours over the past year or so. And thanks so much for the nice comments. Will post the rest of the build this evening. Oh, and yes the wheel pants are carved balsa.
David Duckett12-Dec-14 15:28
Welcome aboard!
ElbertC12-Dec-14 18:10
I go along with that. Glad to have you as a member.
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