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Guillows Series 500 - P-40 Warhawk by Barnstormer. Viewed 1212 times.
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Image Comments
Barnstormer25-Apr-08 20:53
David Duckett25-Apr-08 20:57
John M Oshust25-Apr-08 21:11
BS...super job, I never realized how small this series is...but I am still a novice. Impeccable work. Whether small or large they are still works of art. Keep them coming!
sweetwillie25-Apr-08 23:27
That's a good looking fokker too.
RodN26-Apr-08 01:46
This is one mighty fine looking P-40E!!!! You have really excelled with this one Barnstormer. Can't wait to see what is coming next.
moostang5126-Apr-08 11:30
Two beauties you got there Barnster.
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