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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:16
Views : 30
TOP VIEW - I made two extra wing photocopies, and highlighted the ribs to glue, with blue color, and covered them with waxed paper, and "lined them up" with the plans. This was to set the ribs on, without sticking, when they dried in the first part of "double gluing".
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:14
Views : 16
SIG "Customaire" 22" free flight rubber - SIDEWAYS VIEW - The ribs are all in place (not glued yet), and are snug and flush, and braced up, and checked for easy removal for the first gluing of the "double gluing" procedure. The thin bracing planks for the tops of the ribs (to hold the rib bottoms flush to the building board), are cut out and ready to go.
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:11
Views : 21
I had forgotten - but now have put in - the small inside bracing planks for the LE and TE parts. Now, the LE and TE parts are braced into their location on both sides. In woodworking, "you can never have too many clamps!" (a wise man once said). All of this fussing should make the gluing operation very smooth and easy, hopefully!
David DuckettGuillows Series 2000 - B-24 LiberatorReference14-Jul-17 18:21
Views : 42
Ready to get out of Dodge
David DuckettGuillows Series 2000 - B-24 LiberatorReference14-Jul-17 18:21
Views : 94
The studio in disarray
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked14-Jul-17 09:17
Views : 28
The LE and TE are now held down flat to the board, with the tips of long thin planks, placed on top of the LE and TE, with these planks being pinned to the board.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked14-Jul-17 09:16
Views : 20
The 3/32" sq LE is now braced up in position, with long straight planks. The ribs are now also braced up with the other side location planks, that are pinned to the table on the other side of the ribs. The ribs were then slid forward up against the LE, and the rear 3/32" X 3/16" TE was then slid up snug to the rear of the ribs, and the TE is also braced up with a long plank pinned to the table, insuring a snug, flush slip fit to the back of the ribs. All of these laser cut ribs fit perfectly!
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked14-Jul-17 09:14
Views : 32
MAIN WING ASSEMBLY - The parts, and the 3/32" square Leading Edge (LE) and the 3/32" X 3/16" Trailing Edge (TE), are now laid out, for the right and left wing sections. The bracing planks, for one side of the ribs, are now pinned to the building board to hold the ribs in position.
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked13-Jul-17 23:43
Views : 48
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked13-Jul-17 23:41
Views : 43
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked13-Jul-17 19:11
Views : 21
The total weight of the lower sequi wings alone together = 0 grams. The total weight of all four assemblies together = 2 grams (my scale only measures to one gram graduations).
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked13-Jul-17 19:09
Views : 19
Fin/rudder, stabilizer, and left and right lower sesqui wings frames are completed now and finished sanded.
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