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LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #1803, Pietenpol Air CamperParked20-Jul-17 12:52
Views : 19
And my little plane was happy too - quite the valiant flights by that little Gypsy girl!! She really gave her all in that wind ! - reminds me of my exes. I think I will now call her "Nancy", or "Sandy", or both ... depending on the mood swing of the plane at the time... LOL Oh, how I miss the touch of a woman ... a little bit of female affection would really cap off a great day of flying !! But I digress ... LOL
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #1803, Pietenpol Air CamperParked20-Jul-17 12:48
Views : 16
I had put in 40 cranks on the winder handle = 600 winds on the rubber, and LO AND BEHOLD!! - a 29 SECOND BRAVELY FOUGHT FLIGHT TURNING LEFT, in 8 mph wind, gusting to 15 mph. The temp was 83 degrees F, feels like 103 degrees F, and humidity of 73%. It was getting too windy and the tissue was getting wet and starting to SAG ! But I was a "HAPPY CAMPER" flying my "AIR CAMPER" !!! So I went home before smashing it up ...
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #1803, Pietenpol Air CamperParked20-Jul-17 12:44
Views : 17
Back in my balsa dust-filled apartment woodshop, I ended up sticking about one gram of modeling clay under the fuse rear end, and around the wire skid (for a tail wheel), and balanced it out perfectly. The total weight was now 26 grams, including 2 grams of two strands of 1/8" rubber , each strand of rubber 12" long (the prop hook to rear motor peg mount was 6 1/2" ), and including the one gram of ballast modeling clay. I then went back out to the Cricket Wicket, and I was only lucky enough to get a 12 second flight, because it was climbing too much and was "porpoising" too much. Then I followed the fantastic Dumas instruction segment for flight trimming, titled "FLYING THE MODEL" ( I had photocopied the page, highlighted the important sections, and brought it with me), and then "added down thrust by placing a small balsa shim behind the cowl at the top". I had also brought a sanding block, a permanent marker, scissors, and a small piece of 1/16" balsa plate. I sanded it to a sharp acute angle, traced the edge of the top half of the male (tenon) nose block {that plugs into the female (mortise) hole in the forward fuse bulkhead former}, cut it out with scissors, and stuck it behind the nose block at the top, after winding with a 15:1 winder, and a winding stooge.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #1803, Pietenpol Air CamperParked20-Jul-17 12:40
Views : 13
I picked the poor thing up, after languishing on the shelf, so lonely, for so long, and grabbed my backpack, stooge and gear, and headed out to the "Cricket Wicket" grounds in Jackson Park across the road, for some test glides (without even checking the balance). It test glided OK, but dived down at the end - too nose heavy. I then put 100 turns by hand on the rubber motor that was in there almost 3 years, which gave about 4 or 5 seconds of power, and it climbed OK with a natural left turn, but again dived down. I then returned to the apartment to adjust it.
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