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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked14-Jun-14 19:24
Views : 133
...and filled the voids with florist's foam. Cut and sanded to get the shape I wanted. Then I filled with light spackle, sealed with primer and then painted.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked14-Jun-14 19:22
Views : 162
The model didn't come with a tail cone. I tried to find something off the shelf, but no luck. I asked Freeway Flyer (Ted) if he could make one on his lathe (what modeler on this site has he not assisted?) In the interim, I tried something new for me, that I found on a paper modeler's site.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked14-Jun-14 15:38
Views : 149
The platforms with the missile rails. The one on top is attached to the hardpoiint stand, and has two blank rods for missiles.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked14-Jun-14 15:37
Views : 177
Start of the missle platform. One rough and the other starting the shaping.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 17:58
Views : 192
Final pieces. The paper pattern and the kit supplied piece. You can see it doesn't follow the shape of the real pieces. I made two sets. The first set turned out to be too big. This set was just right. Oh, that stain on the longer "football?", my blood. Careful around sharp objects, kids.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 17:55
Views : 174
Closer to final shape.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 17:54
Views : 194
The rough outline cut was with a jig-saw. Now it was roughed out with an Xacto knife. If I remember correctly, it was three pieces of basswood laminated together.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 17:52
Views : 188
The kit had molded copies of the ADF "footballs", but they lacked definition and were too big. I decided to carve some new ones.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 15:12
Views : 169
The kit also needed covers for the aileron linkage. Again, basswood carved and sanded.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 15:11
Views : 178
Proud mom and kids. Eventually she took all but one of the ducklings with her. The leftover was adopted by one of the guys here. His family raised it and it eventually flew off. They called the duck "Cobblepot."
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 15:09
Views : 155
We had a population boom at my work. The office is next to a canal that the ducks enjoy. Plenty of room for a nest. One day these little guys showed up.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked13-Jun-14 15:06
Views : 201
The kit did not have any hard points for missiles and bombs. I had to make them. Sizing was a "guesstimate" based on photos. From back to front you can see how the pieces evolved. Basswood and a hobby knife. I matched the curve of the wing by taping sand paper to the wing and running the piece side by side along it.
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