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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild06-Oct-12 16:39
Views : 421
Should have read the post on not shrinking the stab. Warped pretty good. Prelim test flights were pretty bad, with a steep bank. I've tried unwarping with steam, but it seems to want to return to warped state.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild06-Oct-12 16:35
Views : 419
Finished base layer of tissue. Put on dry with a glue stick as adhesive. Shrunk with 50/50 alcohol & water. Wings came out pretty good, fuse was ok with a few wrinkles, the stab....
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild23-Sep-12 05:02
Views : 394
Here I completed scalloping.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild23-Sep-12 05:01
Views : 360
I screwed up the plastic nose cowling trying to fit the prop so I made a new one on my mini lathe. The added weight of the wood cowling helped a lot with balancing the plane. Slipped a bit with the skew but should come out when i sand to size.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Sep-12 05:03
Views : 362
In build #1, the plans called for a single piece wing assembly. The A-1 calls for separate wings glued to the fuselage. Separate wings was definitely easier to attach to the fuse, but I wonder what will happen in the 1st crash. I can foresee some major damage to the fuse.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Sep-12 04:53
Views : 335
here is the side profile of the wingtip
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Sep-12 04:51
Views : 306
I wasn't happy with the spar-type wingtps on my first plane, so I wanted to try solid wingtips on build #2. I built up the wingtips with balsa strip, sanded the horizontal/vertical axis to match the surrounding profile, then finished up by sanding to blend the profiles.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Sep-12 04:46
Views : 304
Vertical stabilizer prior to the spars being trimmed. Although not seen in this picture, excess material from the fillets has also been removed.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Sep-12 04:44
Views : 339
Here is the horizontal stabilizer with excess material removed from fillets to try to reduce weight behind the CG.
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild16-Sep-12 19:20
Views : 390
Horizontal stabilizer. Not sure if you can see this, but sanded ends of 1/16" spars to match the thickness of the kit parts
MazamanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild04-Sep-12 18:43
Views : 389
Start of build #2. Applied some lessons learned from build #1 - thinned parts before cutting/popping them out; and sanded open stringer notches with a homemade notched instead of cutting them.
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