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GWS Pico Tiger Moth by rgood. Viewed 167 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
rgood08-Nov-17 11:26
I am stumbling here - need to sort the front canopy moulding too!
rgood08-Nov-17 11:29
Rayl - as you can see not much progress! Weed eating and fire avoidance has taken some time away, as well as a few road trips in CA. Maybe winter will get me moving again?
rayl08-Nov-17 11:35
Damn, That looks good!!!!!!!!!!
LASTWOODSMAN09-Nov-17 22:46
What a sheen Bob - it looks like a mirror finish!! How did you do that - with chrome tape?
rgood10-Nov-17 11:59
Yes LW foil tape! Not sure if I can make a go of covering the whole aircraft and make it look acceptable. Very hard to make the join lines merge. But it does give a fairly good "Alloy" shine. Edges are also a prob. as they tend to "weep" adhesive.
BriandKilby11-Nov-17 08:03
how did you attach the foil bob?
rgood11-Nov-17 11:56
Foil is self-adhesive Brian. It's the roll you can see in the background.
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