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rayl, Comment for image # 3740404 Dec 16 23:23
Don C, Image # 3740404 Dec 16 13:16

Connected. Waiting for glue to dry.
Don C, Image # 3740303 Dec 16 18:14

Installed spark plugs and wires
rayl, Comment for image # 3736502 Dec 16 15:42
Oh Don; don't we know how to have fun? I'll catch up my posts later.
Don C, Image # 3736502 Dec 16 13:00

Still going. R to L: Motor mount from photos, crankcase accordingto plan,cylinders from Dare motor, intake from Dare motor kit. Should produce a reasonable facsimile of a P&W Wasp Jr. Fortunately it's mostly hidden by the cowl.
mlriley540, Comment for image # 3640226 Nov 16 00:24
Angry Birds...
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3640225 Nov 16 22:15
Now that's a great Nature shot!
BriandKilby, Comment for image # 3725123 Nov 16 13:37
thanks don, I think that did it!
Don C, Comment for image # 3725123 Nov 16 13:32
To finish that thought - catches on the tab. You may have to adjust the tab for it to work.
Anders, Comment for image # 3703627 Oct 16 09:52
Thank you Don! Off to search eBay for one :)
Skyediamonds1985, Comment for image # 3703626 Oct 16 18:43
Even I could learn from you Don C. Thank you. I was going to purchase a soldering iron for my next project. Might just go this route.
Don C, Comment for image # 3703626 Oct 16 15:25
I think the Anson would be a good one to try this on.
Skyediamonds1985, Comment for image # 3700925 Oct 16 16:12
Don, great idea on the use of the toy motorcycle for the wheels. I'll have to remember that for future reference. The model is turning out great.
Skyediamonds1985, Comment for image # 3700825 Oct 16 16:07
That's a hard decision. I know exactly your situation. I've found that if I used proportion, it helps. The Guillow's PT-17 and now the S.E. 5 cockpit interiors were both detailed using the proportion method. It's a ratio and balance between what space is available on the model and what detailing can be used to good effect. Sometimes it means stretching the boundaries of imagination. Very good work on the model!!
Skyediamonds1985, Comment for image # 3700925 Oct 16 15:56
Great work Don! Nice attention to the details. Did you obtain the cockpit interior photos from the museum, or did you take them yourself? Great shots, by the way. Anders, try using flux when soldering. This is a special solution that is used when soldering. Most people who are starting soldering are not aware of it. Many solders, also come with flux inside.
Anders, Comment for image # 3700925 Oct 16 15:50
Nice work, only just begun to try and make parts/details using brass and copper tubing etc myself. Landing gears for the Anson might be a nice thing to make with this metod. Do you use some special equipment or tools? i only tried with my soldering iron i use for wires, and i find it hard to get good results..
Don C, Image # 3700925 Oct 16 15:41

Rudder pedals . Need to clean and paint before installation.
Don C, Image # 3700825 Oct 16 15:36

Cockpit floored and sided. Not sure if I will do the panel like this or not.
Don C, Image # 3700625 Oct 16 15:30

Cowling now has aerodynamic warts.
Don C, Image # 3700525 Oct 16 15:29

Got them on an axle.
Build Thread, Page :  <<   2   3   4   5   6  [ 7 ]  8   9   10  (185 posts, 20 posts per page, 10 pages in total) [ < Prev ] [ Next > ]