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LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked16-Jul-17 18:29
Views : 24
I will also make a stronger stab with two laminated 1/32" X 1/16" strips of balsa, as the thick "picture frame" repairs on each side of the stab that I did, may have made the plane tail heavy, hence the weird climbing and stalling fllights - it has also increased the weight of the plane by 4%.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked16-Jul-17 18:23
Views : 23
3rd TIME FLYING - After a few flights of cartwheels into the long thick grass under power, with wavering, stalling and climbing, frantic flights - I KNEW something was wrong! - the wing finally broke through the tissue. It had, about a week earlier, flown into a tree trunk under power with the left wing, and I heard a "crack", but I did not thoroughly investigate for damage. Repairs have begun - it is faster than building a new model, as I don't have another model to fly - and it is Flying Season right now ... I must get that 60 second flight - I only got a 56 second fllight so far ...
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked16-Jul-17 18:14
Views : 9
2nd TIME FLYING - I exploded the rubber motor into a big twisted knot in the rear of the fuse, when I tried to wind it anyway, after I saw that one of the four strands of rubber was broken inside the fuse. DUH !! I tore up the rear fuse tissue badly - I sauntered home and repaired it.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked16-Jul-17 18:07
Views : 8
1st TIME FLYING - After a couple of cartwheeling landing flights, which probably cracked the "0ne-piece" stab/fin/rudder (that is only glued to the fuse in three tiny spots), I made a sloppy launch, where the stab caught my hand and tore off the whole stab/fin/rudder assembly! How EMBARASSING - there were people watching! LOL. The plane bravely tried to continue to fly, but rather unproductively and poorly .... I had to do another big "picture frame" repair on the other side of the stab now.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked16-Jul-17 17:58
Views : 6
Well, yesterday, it seemed that I was determined to total my 22" SIG "Cabinaire". I went flying three different times yesterday, in strong winds and gusts, each time moping home, doing the repairs, and heading right back out - the last time, totally breaking the left wing ... OH NO !!! That is what I get for flying in strong winds and too many winds on the prop!
hjlittmanHJL Models Beanberg DIParked16-Jul-17 00:46
Views : 48
Close up of the Beanburg D1. Anyone recognize the pilot in the picklehaub?
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanHJL Models Beanberg DIParked16-Jul-17 00:40
Views : 43
This is my latest Bostonian the Beanburg D1. It's a bit like the Red Baron meets Dick Dastardly, but flies quite well.
Don CScratch Built Grumman F9F PantherReference15-Jul-17 11:35
Views : 141
This Spam Can treated me well.
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:16
Views : 27
TOP VIEW - I made two extra wing photocopies, and highlighted the ribs to glue, with blue color, and covered them with waxed paper, and "lined them up" with the plans. This was to set the ribs on, without sticking, when they dried in the first part of "double gluing".
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:14
Views : 14
SIG "Customaire" 22" free flight rubber - SIDEWAYS VIEW - The ribs are all in place (not glued yet), and are snug and flush, and braced up, and checked for easy removal for the first gluing of the "double gluing" procedure. The thin bracing planks for the tops of the ribs (to hold the rib bottoms flush to the building board), are cut out and ready to go.
LASTWOODSMANSIG Customaire # FF-26 Parked15-Jul-17 07:11
Views : 19
I had forgotten - but now have put in - the small inside bracing planks for the LE and TE parts. Now, the LE and TE parts are braced into their location on both sides. In woodworking, "you can never have too many clamps!" (a wise man once said). All of this fussing should make the gluing operation very smooth and easy, hopefully!
David DuckettGuillows Series 2000 - B-24 LiberatorReference14-Jul-17 18:21
Views : 37
Ready to get out of Dodge
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