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David DuckettGuillows Series 2000 - B-24 LiberatorReference20-Jun-17 09:35
Views : 32
Yesterday the temperature reached 115 degrees!
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked19-Jun-17 22:10
Views : 45
These are the results of the GLUING EXPERIMENT. Medium Gap-Filling CA super glue (10 second), works on both plastic to plastic, and balsa to plastic. 5 minute Epoxy glue only works on balsa to plastic, and not on plastic to plastic.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked19-Jun-17 22:06
Views : 32
GLUEING EXPERIMENT : The instructions said to try your glue, (I don't have the "Sigment" glue), on test scraps first, as some glues "adhere" and some glues do not "adhere" at all, while others soften the plastic excessively, and suggested to wait overnight. I used 5 types of glues on strips of plastic to plastic, and balsa to plastic, clamped up with clothes pins, and I waited 30 hours before checking the results.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked19-Jun-17 03:59
Views : 62
SIG CUSTOMAIRE (not Cabinaire) KIT CONTENTS - the kit comes with 2 sheets of 1/16" X 3" X 12" laser cut parts with small bridges that are easy to cut and sand off, and one sheet of 1/16" X 3 1/4" X 9" die stamped (crushed) parts - I would rather have had it just as printwood, instead of die cut, and cut out all of the parts myself - I had to cut out a couple of the solid wingtip parts out of fresh balsa. The parts labeling diagrams were poor, as not all of the parts were even labeled (but it wasn't too hard to figure it out, when comparing the part over the plan). There is also a plastic sheet of 0.008" thick, thin flyweight shinny white vac-formed parts - wheel halves, wheel pant halves, that are all marked as inner and outer, and that all of the outer shells slip over the inner shells, butting up against a definite "step" for perfect fit, and a one piece Cowling with attached Dummy Motor.
BriandKilbyTamiya m4a3e8 Sherman tankBuild18-Jun-17 16:38
Views : 45
turrent added. machine gun and figure next.
mlriley540Peck Polymers De Havilland DH-60 Gipsy MothFlying18-Jun-17 11:33
Views : 62
My little P51, it was fairly cloudy and I tried but wasn't able to get much for pictures, the Sun would come and go.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked18-Jun-17 09:43
Views : 64
Sig CUSTOMAIRE (not Cabinaire) plans. The plan is one sheet which has very handy isometric views of three important assemblies - forward fuse assy, center wing attachment assy, and tail wheel and tail section assy. The plan lines are thick and easy to read, and the thick big block Roman Gothic capital lettering on the plan is also very, very easy to read (for my old eyes). The solid balsa parts are also grain line directionally streaked and dotted (shading), all over the plan, which is very discernable and adds that touch of realism which truly makes for a great plan - designed by Paul McIlrath and traced by Claude McCullogh - very well done !
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked18-Jun-17 05:45
Views : 30
There are not a lot of pics of this model on the web (it was not an actual plane ...), so I will just go with these three Sig pictures. James would you please put this Sig "Customaire" Kit ff-26 onto the availabel aircraft list? Thank you.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked18-Jun-17 05:41
Views : 36
This model has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. I was intimidated by it - Sig said it is their most challenging F/F kit - very light flyweight vac formed plastic wheels and plastic pants, and a complex nose assembly with a plastic cowling with a plastic dummy motor attached -intended for the "experienced modeller" - well, ... here goes !
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked18-Jun-17 05:39
Views : 28
This is not the Sig "Cabinaire" - This is the Sig "Customaire" 20" biplane kit # FF-26 $24.50 (no exact scale as it was not a real plane) - but reminiscent of the classic WACO cabin biplanes of the 1930's. This will be my first attempt at building a biplane for free flight rubber power.
heywoooodDave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #16, NA F-100 Super SabreParked17-Jun-17 23:18
Views : 49
heywoooodDave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #16, NA F-100 Super SabreParked17-Jun-17 23:17
Views : 23
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