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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanHJL Models BostillationBuild15-Nov-16 21:45
Views : 134
All my new box fuelage designs have an almost self-aligning design that uses laser cut parts and some aligning tools that are part of the kit. The evaluation kits that I sent out have gotten good reviews and they are starting to sell. Of course, I really expect things will get interesting when I finally get the P-6E into kit.
hjlittmanHJL Models BostillationParked15-Nov-16 21:37
Views : 135
Last year I designed what I thought looked like a proper Bostillation.Turned out to be so popular that I put it into kit this year. The Irish Jumping Bean will be in kit before the end of the year also. I have another Bostonian design up my sleeve, but I'll surprise you with that.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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